Sylvie vartan double exposure

Further hit albums followed in 2005 and 2007 in the shape of Ma Vérité and the bluesy Le Cœur d'un Homme , which featured a track written for him by Bono . Shortly after its release, he announced that in 2009 he would retire from live performance after a farewell tour. After recording another successful album, Ça Ne Finira Jamais , in 2008, he was cast as the lead in Hong Kong director Johnnie To's first English-language film, Vengeance. In 2009, he underwent surgery for colon cancer, and his successful recovery must have made him reconsider his decision to quit the stage, for in 2012, after the release of yet another new studio album, Jamais Seul -- which received heavy international promotion -- he played three high-profile North American dates, in Los Angeles, Québec City, and New York. One year later, in 2013, L'Attente made it ten straight French chart-toppers for Hallyday , and he celebrated his 70th birthday in June of that year with several landmark events, including the collection Best of 70e Anniversaire . Rester Vivant , produced by Don Was , had no trouble debuting at number one upon its release in late 2014. However, in March of 2017 Hallyday announced that he had lung cancer, and he died in December of that year at the age of 74.

At her second Olympia, where she sang with Vince Taylor, she met "the French Elvis" Johnny Hallyday. He now says how they met : "I came to see my friend, Vince Taylor. I was with another friend Eddie Vartan. When I saw Sylvie, I didn't know she was Eddie's sister. I said : "Have you seen that girl ? I have a crush on her". Then Eddie called Sylvie and said : "Sylvie let me introduce you to Johnny. Johnny, this is my sister, Sylvie". Johnny laughs : "I was so embarrassed !".

He was married to socialite/writer Ann Dexter-Jones, mother of Mark , Samantha and Charlotte Ronson . Ann and Mick have two children, Annabelle and Alexander Dexter-Jones. Married for nearly 25 years, in 2007 Jones and Dexter-Jones divorced. In 2017, the couple re-married [5] . He also has two sons, from prior relationships, Roman and Christopher Jones.

The track is typical in style of the international yé-yé movement. Similar to America's go-go musical genre, yé-yé refers to the exclamation of Yeah Yeah during rock and roll songs .

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Sylvie Vartan Double ExposureSylvie Vartan Double ExposureSylvie Vartan Double ExposureSylvie Vartan Double Exposure