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That said, you can tell they've been at this for nearly three decades. As noted above, you could tell they were putting the effort into it, you can also tell that Father Time is a bastard. Gahan doesn't quite have the lyrical power he once did and Gore is starting to sound a bit reedy. That said, the errors in singing and playing let you know that they were actually on stage, belting it out and not relying on enhancements to the sound. The show was heavy on "the classics" (songs from the 85-95 period) - though they did rearrange most of them - mostly to good effect.

Richard Branson's British independent made its name with the mega-hit hippy fave Tubular Bells in 1973, but made a splash by signing the Sex Pistols after they were dropped by both EMI and A&M. It soon became one of the biggest purveyors of post-punk music, with bands like Public Image Ltd, XTC, The Human League and Iggy Pop, then, in more recent times, Bastille, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Goldfrapp, The Chemical Brothers and The Thrills.

(EBBBOX2) Treble CD album

Body Of Work 1984-1997 (CDMUTEL9)
Disc 1:
1. Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works
2. Warsaw Ghetto
3. Murderous
4. Let Your Body Learn
5. Join In The Chant
6. Control I'm Here
7. Hearts And Minds
8. Captivate
9. Shame
10. Lightning Man
11. Fun To Be Had
12. Getting Closer
13. Family Man
14. Come Alive
15. I Give To You
16. Godhead
17. Ascend
18. Kick It
19. I Thought

Disc 2:
1. Get Clean
2. Join In The Chant (Gold!)
3. Control I'm Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix)
4. Hearts And Minds (Mix Hypersonic)
5. Shame (Mix Two)
6. Captivate (William Orbit Mix)
7. Backlash (William Orbit Mix)
8. Fun To Be Had (Long Mix)
9. Out Of Mind (Maitresse Mix)
10. Ascend (Remix)
11. Lakeside Drive (Remix)
12. Kick It (Popular Music Mix)
13. I Thought (Final Sin)

Body Rework (NOMU166CD)
1. Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Jamrock Remix)
2. Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Homage)
3. Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 Remix)
4. Lightning Man (Motor Remix)
5. Shame (Derrick May Remix)
6. Control (I'm Here) (The Hacker Remix 2006)
7. I Thought (Robag's Schikkuli Vocal Rework)
8. Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix)
9. Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix)
10. Let Your Body Learn (Terence Fixmer Remix 2006)
11. Join In The Chant (Knarz Ist Machine) (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)

to blanche: musis si uvedomit, ze NE to tak trosku potrebuju. Maju hotovy album, ktoreho vydanie museli posunut kvoli financiam… ako sa najlacnejsie dostat opat do povedomia hudobnej verejnosti, ako vyrazit na par tyzdnovy promo vylet s hviezdnou kapelou, s ktorou maju dokonca spolocnu minulost? Okrem toho… NE su jednoznacne klubova kapela… vzdy bola a evidetne vzdy bude (ak budu este v buducnosti pokracovat). Takze toto spojenie je najvyhodnejsie… NE ako alternativna kapela v pozicii predskokana dalsej, kedysi alternativnej, dnes uz viacmenej komercnej kapely Ladytron… preco nie, ale k tym skvelym babenkam by sa museli DM fans vediet aj nalezite spravat, vsakze Takto je zaruka, ze NE svojim industrialnym tvrdym zvukom vsetkych vyhecuju… mozno az tak, ze DM fans sa budu od svojich milacikov dozadovat lepsieho vykonu :D

The Cure will play a 40 th Anniversary Show in London’s Hyde Park on July 7, 2018. But they will not play alone. [more...]

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Depeche Mode - Nitzer Ebb Depesche Mega Mode - Nitzer Scandinavia TourDepeche Mode - Nitzer Ebb Depesche Mega Mode - Nitzer Scandinavia TourDepeche Mode - Nitzer Ebb Depesche Mega Mode - Nitzer Scandinavia TourDepeche Mode - Nitzer Ebb Depesche Mega Mode - Nitzer Scandinavia Tour